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Toll Free: (800) 468-5296
About Us:
Kevin Keigley, the owner of HydroSeed, Inc., has been installing lawns since 1968. He grew up on his father's sod farm and at a young age was selling, grading and installing sod to put himself through college. He is very familiar with all methods of lawn installations.

About 17 years ago, Kevin started his own landscaping company. Soon, he had grown to 40 employees and was installing and servicing all aspects of the landscape business. Realizing that with new products and equipment being developed the industry was rapidly becoming more complex, Kevin decided to turn his focus to the hydroseeding process. Determined to be a company utilizing the best processes and maintaining the highest standards of quality, HydroSeed has steadily advanced.

Now, with more than 40 years experience, Kevin is a recognized expert in the industry. HydroSeed, Inc. currently buys over 150,000 pounds of seed a year, making it one of the largest hydroseeders in this region.

Kevin's never-ending desire to improve the processes has led him to invent and patent two grading tools that eliminate most of the costly hand labor. The first was a skid-steer tool he named The ELIMINATOR. Designed to loosen and level the soil within inches of concrete, the tool was an immediate success and revolutionary to the industry.

The second invention (the TR3™ RAKE) came about because Kevin felt the Eliminator wasn't enough. The TR3™ RAKE is actually three tools in one: a scarifier, box scraper and grading rake. The ELIMINATOR rights have been sold; but, Absolute Innovations, Inc. still holds the rights to the TR3™ and has launched a national sales campaign with great success. No longer does an installer have to haul three attachments to a jobsite. No more unhooking one tool to change to another. The time and labor spent on a jobsite is usually cut in half.

HydroSeed's three crews put in approximately eight lawns a day. Utilizing 10 radio-equipped trucks they serve a 60-mile radius of Michiana, including all of St. Joseph and Elkhart counties, all points west to Valparaiso, IN, and as far north as Stevensville, St. Joseph, and Kalamazoo, MI.

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